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What are the broad provisions for migration of existing tax payers to GST?
What is the process of migration to GST?
What will be the fate of unutilized credit balances of various taxes like Central Excise Duty, Service Tax, VAT etc that have subsumed under GST?
What will happen to credit of cesses lying in balance on transition date?
What are the illustration of credits that will not be carried forward ?
How will be the credit of taxes paid on goods in stock be transferred in GST?
What is the manner of availment of credit of embedded Excise Duty on goods procured from dealers on such invoices which are not the duty paying documents for Excise Duty?
What is credit of state taxes in cases linked to production of certain prescribed forms in current regime?
What is credit on capital goods installed in the premises of suppliers?
What do you mean by goods in transit on the appointed date?
What do you mean by goods sent on approval basis returned on or after the appointed day?
Whether the credit reversed on goods transferred to branches before the appointed date and lying in stock in branches on the appointed date be admissible?
What are the transitional provisions in respect of service tax credits reversed prior to the appointed date on the grounds that the payment were not made to the service provider?
What are the transitional provisions for goods sent to job worker before the appointed date and returned after the appointed date?
What are transitional provisions for pending assessments,adjudications?
What will be the status of the refund claim of taxes paid under the earlier law?
What happens to the refund claims in respect of services not provided?
What happens to any amount to be recovered or refunded pursuant to revision of return?
How will be claims of Cenvat credit pertaining to earlier law?
What are the various miscellaneous transitional provisions?
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Showing 1 - 20 of 24 results.